John Deere 5420 fuel solenoid

John Deere 5420 fuel solenoid Problems

This morning I started my John Deere 5420 and when it started I quickly put reverse gear and it turned off and won’t start. I loosened the blender screw on the filter housing and used the priming pump but I am out of fuel. It starts and runs but has no fuel either

The tank is almost full and I wonder what the heck. Almost like there is a fuel cut somewhere because I put it in reverse really fast. Is there a fuel solenoid for a neutral start safety switch?

The reasons may be different, check these options:

1. There is a solenoid at the bottom of the fuel pump with a harness that goes to a temperature sensor just above the pump. Unplug both connectors and replace blown fuse in fuse panel.

2. Loosen the fuel inlet line at the injection pump, pump your priming pump, if you don’t get fuel, work back one connection at a time until you find fuel.

Keep working backwards, I’m assuming your fuel tank is behind the seat, but this applies to flatbed and cab tractors as well. If the supply line connects to the motor (I think it goes to the filter first), see if you can blow through it, but first check to see if someone has put a check valve in the line. I’ve seen that supply line get blocked on multiple tractors.

If there is fuel in the tank, you have to take it to the injection pump, and it will work. There is no need to bother with an alternate fuel source at this point.

There is a fuel seal on the fuel filter box, and if it is a straddle mount tractor there is one on the fuel tank as well.

3. Replace the temperature sensor along with the fuse. It will work fine.

4. You should hear the fuel pump solenoid moving when you turn the key. It should also show 12v to one of the terminals there on the top of the pump. There are several safety locks on that engine. One is the temperature sensor in the water manifold above the injection pump. Another is the connection to an overspeed sensor. Sensor in the injection pump. I think turning the key off should reset things if it’s the speeding shot. The temp sender can go bad and can just be unplugged I think, but the injection pump fuse should blow.

On some open station tractors the fuse panel is corroded and it is difficult to get the fuse to make good contact. If you shake the fuse with the key in place, you will hear the fuel shutoff clicking on and off.

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